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ScopServ provides software and services that improve performance from the contact center to the enterprise. Our solutions enable our clients to consistently deliver legendary customer experiences by improving agent effectiveness, contact centre and enterprise performance.

ScopStats and ScopSwitch software captures real time and historical data from the ACD and creates reports that can be displayed on wallboards, desktops, dashboards, Web based reports, email and smartphones. Improve agent performance and increase call center awareness with real time reporting for the agents.

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Call Centre Modules

ScopSTATS Reporting

The ideal statistical environment for comprehensive data management and better tracking of your information.

Automatic Call Distributor

A system that distributes incoming calls to a specific group of terminals used by agents. It is a part of a computer telephony integration (CTI) system. ACDs recognize, answer and route incoming calls.

Agent Portal

A unified interface that provides controls for the agent and gives them the information they need to manage customer interaction.


Managing callflows

Virtual queuing is a concept used in inbound call centers. Call centers use an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) to distribute incoming calls to specific resources (agents) in the centre.

ScopTel Queue features include a myriad of funcitions like:

  • Parking of incoming calls
  • Hold music
  • Fallback destinations
  • Personalized script
  • Voicemail
  • Notify the caller’s position in the queue



Dial Plans to help manage call direction

Routing by skills is a distribution strategy used in call centres to assign an incoming call to the most appropriate agent for the request. This is an enhancement over existing distribution systems. Routing can also be done by caller number or priviledged agents.

The ACD will distribute the calls in a completely dynamic manner, taking into account variations in call flow and ensuring that a maximum number of incoming calls are handled without a total loss of response quality.



Managing human resources

Hiring an excellent call center agent is just as important as having the right call center software.

Functionalities that help your agents do their job more efficiently include:

  • Agent management tools
  • Live Chat
  • Qualification codes / Pause
  • Call Recording



Administrator / Call centre manager training

ScopServ Basic training is a two-day training course to teach the fundamentals of ScopServ using theory and hands on training. The objective of this course is to familiarize students with ScopServ and the environment in which it operates.

Course includes ScopServ Reporting (CDR, ACD, IVR, Live Monitoring), Extension Configuration, Provisioning Management, Line Configuration and much more.

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