Hosted Solution

The hosted system allows your business to keep the focus on your customers and daily work, with the peace of mind of knowing that someone else is monitoring and managing your VoIP network. Operating a hosted VoIP solution constitutes a fundamentally different approach to VoIP. Your telephone system solution will be operated on ScopServ's system platform.

With our hosted IP PBX services, the core infrastructure for IP telephony is owned by us and operated at our site instead of on the customer’s premises. ScopServ will be is responsible for managing your system.

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Benefits of Hosted

Save on Hardware Costs

No initial investment on costly hardware and the added expense of maintenance and repair, this is all handled by us in the cloud.

Save space

No need for a dedicated room for your PBX which eliminates the need for temperature control and general upkeep.

Always upto date

The customer has guaranteed access to the latest hardware and software updates, without incurring the cost of additional investment.

Features Basic Standard Call Center
R65 R85 R110
Voicemail to Email
Emergency Lines
Ring Groups
Virtual Extensions
Paging Find-Me
Personal IVR
Scheduler Ringing Services
LDAP Management
Network Management
Unlimited Auto Attendants
DNS Server
Certificate Manager
Fax Server
Scheduled Tasks
Custom Scripts
Conference Bridges
Call Recording
Contact Center
Professional Reporting
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