ScopTEL Modules


The ideal statistical environment for comprehensive data management for better tracking of your information.


Our API allowing for simple integration and business automation, with an AMI (Asterisk Manager Interface) channel to handle real-time events.


The real-time expert software. Perfect for call center agents and supervisors.


An audio/video Internet phone that includes VoIP, Presence and Instant Messaging client.


Integrates the ScopTEL™ IP PBX automatic dialling functionality into Microsoft Outlook and Windows operating system.

Call Recording Solution

ScopTel call logging (recording) a feature normally associated with high costs, integration and add-on solutions comes as a standard feature. ScopServ offers a fully featured recording solution built into the ScopTel product. Whether you are looking for a full PBX or Call Center solution or just and add-on call logger (recorder) for your current PBX, ScopServ can meet your requirement.


  • For a business service that relies on communication as its bloodline, call recording can easily double the number of calls taken, and shorten the time it takes to service the customer.

  • Management can use it to measure how long the callers wait, and how the call is handled to determine the effectiveness of the call.

  • This information can then be used as a means for improving how personnel handles situations, and convey business communications to customers.


  • Information - the system can store vital contact information to be reviewed at a later time or simply ensure no call is ever missed, reminding the caller of their importance

  • Time Savers – Easy to locate information

  • Training – Old records can be used as an explain when training new employees and ensure company policy

  • Compliance - used to satisfy legal requirements

The ScopServ Offer

The ScopServ offer is simple, yet very complete: ScopTEL: Complete software distribution that can be installed on any physical server on the market or any VMware virtual machine. In addition to the basic PBX functions, ScopTEL provides an immense number of features, representing a very vast vocal application ecosystem. The economic model retained by ScopServ includes all of the functions included in ScopTEL for each user licence purchased. In this way, the models, functions and applications presented below are available for anyone using a ScopTEL PBX solution.

The most common version, it includes the entire application suite and all functions and is intended for user companies and organizations.

Intended for microbusinesses and SMEs, this version: Is limited to a finite number of users. Does not include the Multi-Tenant option mode. Does not include certain functions.

This is the same as the ScopTEL PBX version, but it can be marketed in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode, for Cloud-type use. The licensing mode is different than that for the two previous versions.

  • Multiple Languages
  • Digital Interfaces
  • Analogue Interface
  • Conference Calls
  • Music on hold
  • Time Scheduler
  • Asterisk Manager
  • Call Queues (ACD)
  • Remote Agents (PSTN)
  • Billing
  • Call Parking
  • VoiceMail
  • Groups
  • Email
  • Company Directory
  • Off Site Notification
  • Limit In/Out Calls
  • User Web GUI
  • Follow Me
  • Personal IVR
  • Virtual Fax
  • Paging/Intercom
  • Custom Caller ID
  • Emergency Lines
  • Custom Scripts
  • Call Recording
  • CDR Reports
  • Flash Operator
  • Password List

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